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Galen Sisco in Miami. May 11, 2011
Student members of the ROTC program May 11, 2011
The multistory, mostly white building at right rear is student housing under construction on Second Street in California Borough. May 11, 2011
Brown marmorated stink bug May 11, 2011

Sleep Deprivation Stalks Students

May 11, 2011


College students find it hard to wake up for those 8 a.m. classes.

By Lacey Greeley Of the many things that college students and young adults struggle with and juggle, sleep should not be one of them; although many young adults, more often than not, do. Between studying for exams, working jobs, and trying to have a life, many young adults are burning themselves out very quickly and […]

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Cold Winter Stunts Tomatoes

May 11, 2011


Tomato shortage sign at Subway

By Ashleigh Haney When you walk into many restaurants across the country, the many choices of the menu may not be the only thing you notice.  Now, many restaurants are sporting another piece of paper, informing their customers that red fruits may be missing from their favorite sandwiches. Due to one of the coldest winters […]

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Borough Bakery’s Treats Tantalize

May 11, 2011



By Elise Duranko Walking into a bakery gives a welcoming feeling to almost all who enter. And if the sweet smells aren’t enough, Cathy Urban, 63, of Cathy Urban’s Cookies and Pies in downtown California Borough, will make anyone feel at home. Urban pulls a freshly done chocolate chip cookie order out of the oven […]

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