Coffee Connections

"Coffee Connections"

The storefront of Coffee Connections in California Borough.

By Greg Sobol, Colin Tokarsky, and Nathan Wilder

The Borough of California has seen it’s fair share of changes in the past five years, ranging from the overhaul of scholastic facilities such as the on-campus residence halls and the multimillion- dollar construction of the Convocation Center, to simpler things, such as the opening of Spuds in town. One thing that has remained a constant over these years, however, is the locally owned and operated Coffee Connections on Third Street.

Coffee Connections is an interesting place to investigate, to say the least. The shop boasts an eclectic collection of refreshments and treats, but that isn’t what makes it special.  By weekday operation, Coffee Connections is your prototypical college town java shop, not featuring anything too out of the ordinary. However, by weekend, the shop serves as a gathering place for Bible study and church services.

The shop, operated by the Rev. Greg McKim and his wife, Debbie, is sponsored by the Crossroads Community Church and is entirely nonprofit.  Although the shop is a small business located in a small town, it features an impressive website that lists everything from core values to local events the group has participated in. The couple likes to remain active in the community and Debbie has nothing but good things to say about the area, especially the university.

“Anyone who hasn’t been here in the past few years needs to see the campus,” Debbie said. “Things have completely changed in the past four or five years.She  suggested that tourists check out everything from the historical society to the local library.

Coffee Connections is a welcoming place to wander into. The staff members are friendly, the surroundings are cozy, and the menu offers a choice of beverages, breakfast items, sandwiches and desserts. When visiting California Borough, this is definitely a point of interest.

For more information contact Coffee Connections at: (724) 938-2250, or visit the website,

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